3 Ways to Make Your Senior Living Apartment Feel Like Home

Moving to a senior living community is both an exciting time and one that may cause anxiety. While you can say goodbye to yard work and home maintenance, you’re probably leaving a home you’ve loved for many years. As you look forward to your new living arrangement, you may wonder how to make it feel like home.

Fortunately, there are many ways to make your new apartment all yours. The Club at Boynton Beach team believes your residence should be a reflection of who you are. Your space should represent your personality, unique interests, and history in addition to reflecting your personal taste and lifestyle.

Here are some simple tips to help you personalize your senior living apartment to make it feel like home.

How to Make Your Senior Living Apartment Feel Like Home

1. Display Personal Photos in Artful Arrangements

One of the simplest ways to make your new space feel like home is to display your personal photographs. Looking at images of friends and family triggers memories and positive feelings you enjoyed when you captured the moment. Photos also help you feel more connected to your loved ones.

Take time to choose your favorite photos. Once you identify the ones that bring the biggest smile to your face, have them framed. When it’s time to decorate your new apartment, you can easily hang the photos on the walls and display them on shelves. Choose colorful, pretty frames that fit your decorating style to showcase these photos filled with joy.

2. Create a Space for Guests

Socializing is important for everyone, and many of our residents love to entertain. Having a space for visitors can be an excellent way to make your home feel inviting for both you and your guests. To create a welcoming environment, all you need is a comfortable place for them to sit and a nearby table for snacks and drinks.

At The Club, we know how crucial it is for our residents to stay connected with friends and family. That’s why we have incorporated many social spaces throughout our community. Our Bistro Bar, for example, is the perfect place to meet with friends before a night out. Our central courtyard is equipped with a grill for easy meal prep. You and your guests can enjoy al fresco dining while enjoying the view.

3. Bring Your Pet

Pets are an important part of their family. A new place won’t feel like home without them. In addition to providing companionship, studies show that having a pet benefits a person’s overall health and wellness. Because many pets require exercise, they encourage seniors to stay more active. That’s why we encourage our residents to bring their furry friends.

Say Yes to a New Chapter

Moving to a senior living community is a significant life transition. Although you may be saying goodbye to a house you’ve lived in for a long time, you are saying yes to an exciting new chapter in your life. Choosing the right things to add to your new apartment will help you feel at home.

Feel at Home at The Club at Boynton Beach

At The Club at Boynton Beach, we encourage our residents to personalize their apartments. Although we provide fully furnished apartments, we also offer blank-slate options. There, you can customize everything from the furniture to the decor. Once you decorate your space, and it feels like home, there’s nothing left to do but to enjoy your new lifestyle. To learn more about our senior living apartments or to schedule a tour, contact us today.