Oldest Health and Wellness Professionals Inspire Healthy Living

Oldest Health and Wellness Professionals Inspire Healthy Living

Have you ever heard someone’s story and felt changed for the better? Or, been inspired to live more intentionally? The Club at Boynton Beach is a senior living community that always seeks those aha! moments, especially when they encourage the pursuit of one’s well-being. These stories of some of the oldest health and wellness professionals will inspire you. For them, age is just a number, and we agree!

Oldest Person to Climb Mount Everest: Yuichiro Miura

If you enjoy the great outdoors, we know you’ll appreciate the incredible story of Yuichiro Miura, the oldest person to climb Mount Everest. At the time of his first climb, Miura, then 70,  set the record. During the course of the next decade, others usurped the title. At 80 years old, Miura set off again and reclaimed it!

After going through a self-proclaimed “midlife crisis,” Miura realized he needed a reason for living. He decided to tackle Mount Everest and began to prepare by hiking 5 1/2 miles around Tokyo with weights on his legs and back. His philosophy? “ What I always say to people is that you need a goal. It doesn’t matter how old you are.”

We couldn’t agree more. At The Club, you’ll be encouraged to pursue wellness by enjoying the fresh, South Florida air for any number of activities. Some of our favorites? Strolling through our
manicured courtyard
, grilling with friends, or reading a book under the magnolia trees.

Oldest Yoga Teacher: Tao Porchon-Lynch

Whether you consider yourself a full-fledged “yogi” or you’ve only dabbled in these workouts, Tao Porchon-Lynch is sure to inspire you to get moving in some capacity! Even at 101 years old, Porchon-Lynch teaches yoga to over 400 students, in addition to being a competitive ballroom dancer.

When asked about slowing down, she said, “I have too much to accomplish every day…Just as nature recycles herself, I can recycle myself with every breath I take.”

Her secret to a fulfilling life? “Breathe deeply, think good thoughts, keep moving your body, and do what you love!”

At The Club, you can follow Porchon-Lynch’s example and attend any number of fitness classes, including yoga, in our state-of-the-art fitness center.

Oldest Surgeon: Alla Ilyinichna Levushkina

Alla Levushkina has devoted her entire life to serving others. The 92-year-old proctologist from Russia was inspired to enter the field of medicine after reading a novel about doctors as a teenager.

Today, Levushkina continues to practice medicine, having conducted more than 10,000 surgeries in her lifetime. It would seem she has no intention of slowing down. “It’s not a profession, it’s a way of life…Why else would the surgeon live, if not to work?” she asked. Her approach to living a long and healthy life? “I eat everything, laugh, and cry a lot.”

We know you’ll enjoy taking Levushkina’s advice by eating from a wide range of culinary offerings at our bistro or in our main dining room. Invite a few friends or bring your family by for a meal, and the laughs will follow.

Oldest Practicing Trainer: Wendy Ida

Daily walks, an aerobic class here and there, or even a bit of weight training are excellent options for preserving your physical health and wellness. But wouldn’t it be something if your trainer walked through the door and turned out to be  Guinness World Record holder for Oldest Active Fitness Instructor, 67-year-old Wendy Ida?

A domestic violence survivor, Ida knows about overcoming challenges. “[You can’t] let fear of failure stop you and never let age or your past define you. Do what makes your heart sing. Live and play on your own terms,” Ida said.

Just like Ida, we know the importance of fun, especially in a senior living community. The Club has something for everyone. Take a class or get creative in our Activity Center, or challenge yourself with a workout group as you meet your wellness goals together.

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