How Senior Living Residents Can Stay Connected to Friends and Family

Stay Connected to Friends and Family

At The Club at Boynton Beach, our team understands how important it is that you to stay connected with friends and family. Social connection is important to us, too! Positive social, mental, and emotional stimulation are key to overall well-being. Whether it’s remembering to attend an activity at The Club, making sure you remind a family member of an upcoming appointment, or keeping track of a grandchild’s birthday, we know you have a lot to keep up with. Utilizing today’s user-friendly technology, as well as a few tried-and-true methods of old, we’re excited to help lighten your load and keep you engaged with the people you love the most.

Ways to Keep Up With New Friends in Senior Living

One of our favorite tools? VoiceFriend. VoiceFriend is a state-of-the-art system that keeps track of day-to-day activities and sends phone and email reminders about what you care about most. Meal times? Check. Classes at The Club? Check. Book club or bridge group meetup? Check. VoiceFriend does the work of remembering it all for you. Plus, VoiceFriend can be set up to communicate with your family members so they can also be aware of appointments and events.

Don’t worry, VoiceFriend won’t bombard you with alerts for every last activity or event. The program allows each user to set their own preferences, including how they are alerted, when, and for what. Don’t care about cooking classes? VoiceFriend won’t notify you. Do you really want to make sure you remember to go to that craft workshop on Saturday? VoiceFriend will alert you the day before, the morning of, or even fifteen minutes ahead of time. It is completely up to you!

Another amazing feature of VoiceFriend is its compatibility with Amazon’s Alexa platform. This means that any Alexa-enabled device you have can “talk” to VoiceFriend. For example, let’s say you’re getting ready to head out the door to meet your walking group, and you want to know what’s on the menu later that evening. All you have to do is ask! VoiceFriend will use your Alexa-enabled device to answer you. It’s also incredibly helpful if you need the assistance of a team member and are only able to use your voice to gain their attention.

Ways Seniors Stay in Touch With Long-time Friends and Family

In addition to better connecting you to your new friends and social engagements at The Club, we also want our senior residents to stay in touch with their loved ones who live elsewhere. What are some easy ways to do this?

Sign Up for Social Media

Consider getting a Facebook account. With a messaging feature equivalent to email, the ability to upload, share, and comment on photos (even organize them into albums), and private, virtual groups you can join related to your topics of interest, Facebook has so many bases covered. Users can dive in and immerse themselves in all of the tools, or keep it nice and easy. Simply sign up and “follow” your friends and family to see their written posts and shared photos.

Included with Facebook, and also available with other online platforms, is video chat. Do you have dear friends or sweet grandchildren living in other states? Isn’t it amazing that you can virtually bring them into your living room with an Internet connection and camera? The available applications are incredibly easy to use. Some of our favorites are FaceTime, Skype, and Google Hangouts.

Write Letters

Of course, a handwritten note is always special, both for the recipient and the one writing. Try setting a personal goal to send a letter to a friend or family member once a week. You might even keep a calendar of birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions so you can send a card as dates pop up each month. Maybe even ask VoiceFriend to remind you!

Subscribe to E-newsletters

Looking to see what the larger community of Boynton Beach is up to? Or how about your hometown? Conduct a quick Google search to see if there is an e-newsletter you can subscribe to via email. Many towns have one of these available that can keep you up-to-date on new developments. Some may even offer print newsletters or other methods of keeping tabs.

The Club Is Full of Social Butterflies

The community here at The Club at Boynton Beach is a vibrant one. With so many activities to plug into, not to mention keeping up with your loved ones back home, it certainly helps to have a few tips and tools to stay connected. Click here to get more information about The Club and book a tour. Ask to see VoiceFriend in action while you’re here!