The Importance of Fun in a Senior Living Community

Have you heard? According to an article from The New York Times, older adults who choose to remain living at home alone are at risk for the dangerous effects of social isolation, including depression, disrupted sleep patterns, cognitive decline, and altered immune systems. Why are individuals opting to stay at home? Forbes reports it is because the alternatives are failing to compete with what the home provides, and the value of communal living has largely been ignored.

This is where The Club at Boynton Beach comes in. We aren’t a stodgy “senior living facility;” we’re an active community, one where residents thrive, not simply exist. How do we accomplish this? Well, for starters, by understanding the often-overlooked importance of fun!

The National Investment Center has recently reported that senior housing occupancy rates have consistently trended downward over the past few years.  By choosing to remain at home, older adults have effectively voiced their opinion that the senior living community options are failing to meet their needs. According to Forbes, an audience member at the Washington Innovation in Longevity Summit provided one of the most insightful comments of the event, stating, “I’m just struck by every discussion about senior living… and the absence of a three-letter word: fun.” It is this comment, above all others, that truly gets to the heart of the matter.

You have worked, saved, and planned for this stage of your life, all of your life. Why, then, shouldn’t you enjoy it? Games, social events, picking up hobbies, sharing meals – these are activities that have always shaped our lives. There is no reason to lower their priority as we age.

Putting the “Fun” Back into Senior Living

Our upscale senior living community is the cure for isolated living. When you live with others, you can improve your outlook on life, sleep, mental acuity, health and wellness, all essential elements to your wellbeing – our priority at The Club.

Take, for example, our Activity Center. We provide a full schedule of classes, events, and leisure opportunities that you can take advantage of as often as you please. There is something for everyone. Every resident can pursue his or her passion.

Interested in fine dining with a friend? Head to our contemporary bistro and relish our restaurant-quality menu. Looking to learn a new skill? Take a class and make new friends with other like-minded participants. If rest and relaxation are on the agenda, stop by our library and then join a book club in our manicured courtyard with walking paths, waterfalls, and plenty of fresh air.

Live Your Best Life at The Club

At The Club at Boynton Beach, we know how to have fun because we know how important that three-letter word can be in a senior living community. Here, you’ll find plenty of opportunities for creativity, stimulation, and fellowship on a daily basis. Our dedication to social engagement, along with our focus on holistic health and wellness, sets us far apart from the rest. At The Club, we believe being part of a community is not only something you deserve but something you need.

Contact us to schedule a tour, and learn more about how we can help you live the best part of your life.