Books on Health and Wellness Every Senior Should Read

Two senior men reading books on a bench in shaded public park

One of life’s simplest pleasures is curling up with a good book. Whether you want to be inspired, entertained, or educated on a new topic, research shows that reading can add years to your life. Why? Because reading stimulates the brain, improves memory functions, eases anxiety, and reduces stress.

Our team at The Club at Boynton Beach encourages our residents to adopt joyful, active lifestyles centered around spirituality, physical and mental well-being, and personal empowerment. We believe in graceful, healthy aging, and books can be a wonderful source of inspiration. From advice-driven books that promote healthy diets and fitness regimens to books that share the perks of the golden years, our list of five must-reads includes publications with great insights on health and wellness in older adults.

1. “The Gift of Years: Growing Older Gracefully” wholeheartedly celebrates the aging process through a series of meditative, inspirational, and easy-to-digest essays and reflections. It’s a beautiful book that doubles as a guide to enjoying a full and graceful life filled with endless possibilities. One of its key takeaways is that aging isn’t about a series of losses. Author Joan Chittister expertly shows it’s simply a new exploration, as is any new phase of life.

2. “The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment,” an illuminating book and New York Times bestseller from author Eckhart Tolle, is a contemplative and philosophical read that focuses on personal growth, spirituality, and living in the here and now. Some of Tolle’s explanations are challenging, but his thought processes on wellness are motivational and awakening. If Tolle’s teachings speak to you, pick up his companion guide, “Practicing the Power of Now,” which includes meditation and mindfulness exercises that help you live “at ease with yourself.”

3. “Healthy Aging: A Lifelong Guide to Your Well-Being,” written by Dr. Andrew Weil, a well-respected physician and authority on healthy living, explores a combination of traditional and nontraditional methods to health and longevity. Weil focuses on the benefits of nutritional diets, exercises that alleviate stress, and wise lifestyle changes that include meditation, relaxation, and lots of sleep. Just what the doctor ordered!

4. “On the Brink of Everything: Grace, Gravity, and Getting Old” is the work of teacher and bestselling author Parker Palmer. His book, which is inspired by his own eight decades of life, is simultaneously funny and provocative, seamlessly weaving the importance of self-awareness with laugh-out-loud humor. A quote to live by from Palmer’s book: “I don’t want to fight the gravity of aging. It’s nature’s way. I want to collaborate with it as best I can, in hopes of going down with something like the loveliness of that sunset. For all the wrinkles and worry lines, it’s a beautiful thing simply to be one of those who’s lived long enough to say, ‘I’m getting old.’”

5. “A Dog Walks into a Nursing Home: Lessons in the Good Life from an Unlikely Teacher” is a warmhearted, philosophical, and true story about author Sue Halpern and her therapy-trained Labradoodle named Pransky. Together, they volunteer at nursing homes. Along the way, staff and residents teach them about humanity, compassion, kindness, and friendship. The duo’s adventures show us how the power of a pet’s love can affect our emotional and mental well-being while also making a statement on the separation between body and mind. This profoundly endearing book is a bit of a tearjerker, but there are enough humorous dog tales to also make you laugh out loud.

There are numerous common areas at The Club where you can delve into one of these books: by a waterfall in our sunny courtyard, on the balcony of an upscale apartment, or in a comfortable chair inside our warm and cozy library. We even have computers with online access for residents who prefer the convenience of eBooks, perfect for those who find it difficult to read small text (don’t we all!). Hopping on a computer also gives you the opportunity to listen to a book, which may be more enjoyable for those who prefer to put a voice to words.

In the same way a great book makes the words jump off the page, our vibrant community makes seniors want to live life to the fullest. To learn more about The Club at Boynton Beach, we encourage you to read our brochure, visit our modern community in person, or call us at 561-596-5231 today.