How and Why We Personally Handpicked Our Furnishings

Artist's rendering of the wood-accented library at The Club at Boynton Beach

It has been said, “Home is where the heart is,” and this is why the owners of The Club at Boynton Beach have poured their hearts into every aspect of our stunning new senior living community.

The aesthetic details one might typically gloss over have been meticulously handled with the intent of fostering an environment that is welcoming, cheerful, and vibrant. Inspired by their love of life, nature, and family, owner Oliver VonTroll and his wife Diana have successfully created an atmosphere that reflects the beauty of the local flora and fauna, and infuses energy, vitality, and wellness into residents and visitors alike.

In our community, “Nature is one of the recurring themes; all of the artwork is of nature rather than abstract paintings,” shares Oliver. This emphasis on life and growth can be found inside and out at The Club. The apartments, hallways, and common areas are beautifully appointed with coastal colors, a welcome reminder of The Club’s close proximity to some of the most beautiful beaches South Florida has to offer. Suites are named for the Peruvian butterflies which inspired them, and outdoor plantscapes have been designed to attract Florida’s own colorful species. The central courtyard, inspired by Oliver’s grandmother and her love for nature, features waterfalls and magnolia trees, not to mention grilling areas so you and your friends can take in the scenery while enjoying a hearty meal. Regardless of where a resident chooses to venture, the VonTrolls have sought to ensure that they are never without inspiration to live life to the fullest.

Unlike other senior living communities, The Club exudes a modern, upscale, and comfortable feel, with a warmth reminiscent of one’s own home. At every step of the way, Oliver and Diana asked the questions, “Would this be acceptable to me if I lived here?” and, “Would I want my mom here?”

As a result, the couple designed “everything, absolutely everything, from fabrics to door handles to décor.” There’s no reason senior living and compromise should ever go hand-in-hand. As Oliver has said, “When I’m older, I want to go to this place… to continue living in a better way than I can at home.” It is this personal, compassionate approach that sets The Club at Boynton Beach apart. After all, you and your loved ones deserve no less than the daily celebration of life, and the inspiration for doing so can be found around every corner at The Club.

Whether you are interested for yourself or for a family member, rest assured that relocation to The Club at Boynton Beach is truly the start of an adventure. Our community not only provides access to the best of dining, entertainment, and relaxation, it does so in a setting that says “welcome home.” We are confident you’ll find the standard of living at The Club unparalleled in its attention to the needs and desires of its residents. No one else celebrates life the way we do, and we would be honored if you would join us!

Contact us to book a tour of our gorgeous community, make a deposit, or learn more about how you can start your own adventure at The Club. We can’t wait to meet you!