The Significance of the Butterflies at The Club at Boynton Beach

Yellow and black butterfly on a pink flower in a lush, green garden

The butterfly, history tells us, is an enduring symbol of renewal and rebirth, love and hope, endurance and strength. And while butterflies represent different things to different cultures, the world over recognizes the graceful butterfly as an emblem of transformation. What begins as a slow-crawling caterpillar rejoins the world as a fluttering beacon of light. Its elegant and colorful wings dance in flight, reminding us that new beginnings can be beautiful.

For Oliver VonTroll, owner of The Club at Boynton Beach, the significance of the butterfly is highly personal. His late grandmother, Carmen Chocano, who was born in Peru, adored butterflies. When Oliver, along with his wife Diana, designed The Club, he knew he wanted to keep Carmen’s spirit soaring by incorporating a butterfly motif throughout his holistic senior living community.

“My grandmother loved butterflies, and the butterflies in Peru are beautiful,” says Oliver. “They represent a new beginning, and that’s what we offer at The Club.”

To that end, Oliver and Diana designed The Club to reflect Carmen’s joyful spirit, connection with nature, and zest for life. The contemporary and comfortable common areas, the fitness center and wellness spaces, and the chef-driven restaurant and bistro/bar are all decorated with serene coastal color palettes and nature photographs.

Matthew Placzek’s Essence statue

The couple also commissioned Matthew Placzek, a Nebraska-based artist, to create a striking, 20-foot-tall stainless steel butterfly statue in The Club’s entrance. Named Essence, the skyward-facing statue is anchored by a hand-painted base and features natural bronze tones and kaleidoscopic, five-foot-wide butterflies, each hand-etched with blue, red, and yellow acrylic panels.

The Club’s manicured interior courtyard was inspired, too, by Carmen’s love of nature. Here, amid floating butterflies flapping their wings and Magnolia trees swaying in the South Florida breeze, residents can gather with friends and family members to enjoy the courtyard’s peaceful waterfalls, native plants, and vibrant blooms.

“My grandmother loved gardens, plants, and nature, which is why we have one of the most beautiful and peaceful courtyards in the area,” says Oliver.

The nature and butterfly theme extends to The Club’s upscale senior living apartments. Each contemporary-style Assisted Living and Memory Care suite is named for a specific Peruvian butterfly. Memory Care residents, for example, who choose a one-bedroom “Kolana” suite—named for a butterfly with metallic spots—live in spacious quarters with a flat-screen TV, balcony, and private bathroom. The “Alera” suites, named for a neotropical butterfly that’s known for its quick darting habits, is an Assisted Living apartment with the same amenities, plus a modern kitchenette. Another one-bedroom suite is called “Colobura,” also known as the Dirce beauty, mosaic, or zebra mosaic butterfly.

For Oliver, the grace and beauty of a fluttering butterfly emerging from its cocoon represent The Club’s focus on senior health, wellness, respect, compassion, and vitality.

“I designed The Club to inspire seniors to stay healthy, motivated, and active, and I wanted to make a positive difference in the lives of others; that’s my goal,” shares Oliver. “I couldn’t give back to my grandma in time, so I want to give back to others at The Club.”

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